Juliet Okorie

Juliet Okorie is a PhD candidate whose research interests focus on characterizing the energy production and storage capacity of electrodes. Specifically, Juliet is working to optimize a scalable electrochemical cell for methane oxidative coupling (MOC), a process that could potentially convert the greenhouse gas methane into higher-value carbon molecules for jet fuel in a clean and energetically feasible way. With the support of a MathWorks Fellowship, Juliet will continue her work to model this green, inexpensive, and selective electrochemical approach to valorizing methane by creating a corresponding mathematical model that predicts key performance metrics of the process in an electrolyzer so that MOC can eventually be scaled up for commercial use.

Juliet’s MATLAB-based model is expected to be broadly applicable for research in electrochemical catalytic processes. By advancing new methods aimed at turning greenhouse gases into safer and higher-value products, Juliet’s research has strong potential to advance cutting-edge bioelectrochemistry and address significant societal challenges.



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