Jin (Harvey) Yang

Jin (Harvey) Yang is a PhD candidate whose research aims to decipher the mechanisms underlying 3-D genome organization and enhancer-promoter interaction. As a MathWorks Fellow, Harvey seeks to develop new methods in synthetic 3-D genome biology. In past and present work, he has made innovative use of MATLAB and created new open-source tools for the MathWorks community, including modeling synthetic gene circuits through SimBiology to guide experimental testing. In his recent project on the repair of DNA double-strand breaks, he developed models and analytical theory to elucidate how loop extrusion could mediate synapsis of two DNA double-strand break ends. In his current project, Harvey aims to create a new bottom-up synthetic biology strategy for understanding how 3-D genome organization regulates genome function. As his work advances, he plans to make extensive use of MATLAB for image segmentation and analysis and to build new tools that will enhance the impact of his own work and may have broad applications for other researchers.



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