Jasmine Jerry Aloor

Jasmine Jerry Aloor is a PhD candidate in robotics, aerospace engineering, and artificial intelligence whose research seeks to address the challenge of balancing efficiency and fairness in multi-agent teams using reinforcement learning. As a MathWorks Fellow, Jasmine will pursue research exploring motion planning and control for dynamic multi-agent systems, with a special emphasis on safety, robustness, and human interactivity. Jasmine’s past research endeavors include work in imitation learning for social navigation, control barrier functions, and coverage path planning; recent projects include the development of a safe and socially aware motion planning method using imitation learning for general aviation aircraft in multi-aircraft shared airspace and the design and testing of an improvised box-wing micro air vehicle. MATLAB supports design, modeling, and analysis across her research interests. Jasmine’s innovative work has the could improve machine learning and autonomous systems and help them realize their full potential.



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