Jane (Eugene) Park

Jane (Eugene) Park is a PhD candidate whose research explores the structure and property control of a new class of two-dimensional magnetic materials with exciting promise for next-generation quantum computing devices. A MathWorks Fellowship will enable Jane to expand this fruitful work, with the specific aims of elucidating the structural and magnetic properties of air-stable 2D magnets (in particular those showing strong anisotropy in-plane) using various microscopy and theoretical modeling techniques and identifying novel quantum architectures that can serve as optimal platforms for next-generation technologies. MathWorks software is an indispensable tool for Jane’s work, supporting detailed analysis of microscopy data and spin structure simulations critical to understanding the resulting properties. Jane’s research has the potential to advance the design and creation of quantum computing technology and support the development of innovative applications such as topological transistors; magnetic tunnel junctions and other data storage devices; and powerful new approaches in quantum simulation.



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