Jamison Sloan

Jamison Sloan is a PhD candidate whose research explores new possibilities in the field of quantum optics. Specifically, Jamison’s work aims to use extreme effects in nonlinear optics to generate quantum states of light, which have not yet been achieved. As a MathWorks Fellow, Jamison will pursue several projects that cover new ground in quantum optics, including: applications of machine learning and other data-driven methods to discover new aspects of multimode laser physics; investigations of dynamical vacuum effects with the goal of enhancing these effects using photonic nanostructures; and novel concepts for creating entangled photons with controllable entanglement properties based on sending refractive index perturbations on controlled trajectories. MATLAB is an essential tool across Jamison’s theoretical and experimental research. His contributions—including multiple, new applications of MATLAB—are already gaining major interest among fellow researchers, and his current work has the potential for significant impact in experimental optics and related fields.



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