Jaehun Choe

Jaehun Choe is a PhD candidate whose research bridges the fields of materials science, mechanics, and robotics to advance cutting-edge medical robotics applications. As a MathWorks Fellow, Jaehun is developing a guidewire robot capable of navigating blood vessels in the brain to treat stroke patients remotely and to deliver life-saving care faster. His project builds on recent advances in soft, thread-like robots made of ferromagnetic material that can navigate a life- sized model of vasculature with the enhanced mobility required for endovascular surgery. Using MathWorks tools like MATLAB and Simulink, Jaehun is developing a semi-autonomous control system that uses 3-D positional data of vessels to calculate the directions of desired branches, and suggests optimal position and orientation of the robot. His goal is to develop a fully autonomous system, and to share custom MATLAB codes underlying his system. Jaehun’s research is yielding important contributions to medical robotics research and has the potential to bring life-saving treatment to millions of stroke victims.



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