Ippolyti Dellatolas

Ippolyti Dellatolas is a PhD candidate whose research explores multiphase materials composed of constituents of different phases, which have widespread applications in industry, bioengineering, and geophysical flows. Ippolyti’s current work includes an experimental and computational study of the mechanical properties of filler-reinforced hydrogels. The goal of the project is to gain insights into the physical mechanism of reinforcement to guide the design of filler-hydrogel composites with improved mechanical properties and tunable functionalities. A Mathworks Fellowship will enable Ippolyti to expand on this promising research, as well as pursue a second project that investigates the preferential flow pathways that can form as water infiltrates a soil. Such non-uniform water penetration has been linked to an increased occurrence of landslides following heavy rainfall events and earthquakes. Her model system of sand grains with highly controllable hydrophobicity could lead to improved engineering designs with significant impact in geoscience and environmental science. MATLAB is an essential tool in Ippolyti’s research, enabling her to link the microstructure and dynamics of complex multiphase systems to their macroscopic properties.



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