Ippolyti Dellatolas

Ippolyti Dellatoas is a PhD candidate whose research explores the mechanics of multiphase materials, specifically composites composed of constituents of different phases, such as alloys, emulsions, and reinforced concrete. The goal of her research is to develop a comprehensive framework of the mechanics and dynamics of composite systems, focusing on how attractive interactions between components impact the mechanical properties of these materials at large scales. Supported by her second MathWorks Fellowship, Ippolyti will extend ongoing investigations of filler-reinforced hydrogels, where filler nanoparticles are embedded into a polymer hydrogel, yielding a composite gel with improved mechanical properties and additional functionalities conferred by the fillers. MathWorks has provided critical support for Ippolyti’s research, which is helping to advance innovative applications of technology in the development of new materials and could have major impacts on materials science, mechanical engineering, geoscience, and environmental science.



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