Ifueko Nosakhare Igbinedion

Ifueko is a PhD student in electrical engineering and computers cience. Her research focuses on how computer scientistscan utilize the power of multi-agent collaboration to coordinate swarms of drones completing classic computer vision tasks with extremely high speed and accuracy. The goal of this work is to develop innovative deep-learning models supported by a backbone of drone swarm perception to provide real-time, deep-learning capabilities for autonomous systems. This approach aims to show that leveraging deep learning with multiple low-cost sensors can achieve on-par or improved accuracy compared to expensive sensors.During her first research project at MIT, she was able to learn about many of MATLAB’s custom features for deep learning, which allow for model interoperability and co-execution between different deep learning frameworks. This has enabled her to understand and convert a custom MATLAB deep-learning model that supported sparsely interconnected networks to Pytorch. This facilitated the sharing of weights and the leveraging of favorable training and evaluation conditions within the two frameworks.She earned a BS in computer science and an MS in electrical engineering from Stanford University.



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