Haowei Xu

Haowei Xu is a PhD candidate whose research applies computational physics and materials science to innovative studies of light-matter interaction in solid-state systems. Haowei’s work has already yielded numerous innovative theoretical results and predictions related to the non-linear responses of nuclear, electronic, and ionic systems, such as the optical control over both electronic and nuclear spins, light-induced phase transitions in materials, as well as new insights into light- matter interactions in topographical materials. Many of these predictions have been verified in experiments. As a MathWorks Fellow, Haowei will expand his work in several areas, including an efficient new interface between optical photons and nuclear spins and several novel nonlinear optical effects, potentially useful for energy harvesting, light detection, and the characterization of materials. MATLAB tools are foundational to his work, particularly for the creation of robust algorithms to work with large-scale matrices, and he is proud to share new MATLAB tools, such as codes for calculating nonlinear optical responses, to enhance and boost the work of other researchers.



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