Hannah Jackson

Hanna Jackson is a PhD candidate whose research interests focus on the development of new treatment approaches for drug-resistant epilepsy using a recently developed implantable device to deliver micro-doses of drugs to small regions of the brain. Specifically, Hannah is working to adapt this method to treat focal epilepsy, the most common form of the disease, by delivering anti-seizure medications directly to the focal point of a seizure, thereby reducing side effects and improving overall seizure management. MathWorks tools have enabled Hannah to demonstrate the efficacy of this method in a mouse model, and she has created and shared a number of customized tools that will be useful to other researchers in the MathWorks community. With the support of a MathWorks Fellowship, she hopes to demonstrate chronic seizure reduction in a large animal cohort, and further develop the implantable device to optimize drug delivery and improve its clinical translation. Hannah’s work holds significant promise to advance our understanding of epilepsy and accelerate the development of new treatments for this disease.



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