Guoqing Wang

Guoqing Wang is a PhD candidate who is exploring the frontiers of physics and quantum science for the purpose of building fundamental theory and creating next-generation quantum-based technologies. His work has already yielded breakthrough applications, such as high-performance quantum sensors, and contributions in theory, including quantum information protection and simulation of novel quantum phases. As a MathWorks Fellow, he will advance several ongoing projects, all powered by MATLAB tools that he has utilized and/or created. These projects explore: protection and control of large-scale quantum devices and the qubits that comprise them; simulation of novel phases and symmetries and the development of periodically driven quantum systems; and creation of improved quantum sensors for the nanoscale detection of vector AC fields—a valuable capability in fundamental physics research, microwave engineering, material science, and biological applications. Guoqing’s wide-ranging and innovative work is already contributing to multiple projects within and beyond MIT and has potential to impact future research in the field. As his work progresses, he looks to create a full MATLAB-based toolkit for the quantum research community.



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