Eunseok Lee

Eunseok Lee is a PhD candidate whose research interests focus on the use of terahertz (THz) integrated circuits and systems for energy-efficient hardware security. With the commercial adoption of millimeter-wave spectrum in 5G connectivity and automotive radar sensing, there is growing interest from industry and the research community in hardware that utilizes the (THz) spectrum (0.1~10 THz) for beyond 5G applications. Eunseok’s research seeks to develop THz semiconductor chips, a vital component of those technologies; specifically, he is focused on the miniaturization and security of wireless nodes. With the support of a MathWorks Fellowship, Eunseok will advance his successful work to improve the energy harvesting capacity and energy efficiency of THz semiconductor chips, and to develop a novel, anti-tampering function into THz radio-frequency ID tags for merchandise, using a unique analog fingerprint. MathWorks has been an invaluable tool in his research, which has the potential to offer important contributions to integrated circuits, high-frequency electromagnetics, and hardware security.



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