Eric Kevin Wang

Eric Kevin Wang is PhD candidate whose research in the field of robotics seeks to develop new techniques to make autonomous robotic manipulation more efficient and rich. Specifically, Eric is developing new planning algorithms for dynamic non-prehensile manipulation, which offers advantages in applications where object size, geometry, and surface properties are uncertain and quasistatic motions limit the solution space of complex transport tasks. With the support of a MathWorks Fellowship, Eric will expand his promising work in geometric modeling of dynamic frictional interactions that are amenable to fast trajectory optimization and robust control. The larger goals of Eric’s research are to provide robust safety for non-prehensile object transport, enable dynamic motions with better time/effort optimality than quasistatic formulations, and enhance safety-critical control when making and breaking contact with objects. MATLAB tools are an essential component of Eric’s work, which could offer important advances in robotic material transportation in many industrial and commercial settings.



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