Emily Hanhauser

Emily Hanhauser is a PhD candidate who is applying her expertise in engineering and biology to develop health care technologies that dramatically improve equity and access. Her current research is focused on the creation of next-generation diagnostics to rapidly test for infectious diseases. As a MathWorks Fellow, Emily will continue her efforts to create a new diagnostic assay for rapid detection of viruses or bacteria from liquid samples. This new tool, called a vibration- induced dissociation assay (VIDA), provides a way to rapidly isolate and detect pathogens and cells in a simple and integrated fashion, with high sensitivity. VIDA is simple, cost-effective, and deployable in decentralized settings, such as clinics and primary care centers, where most of the global population accesses healthcare. Moreover, VIDA is extremely adaptable and can be applied to whole cell, protein, or nucleic acid detection. MathWorks tools, such as MATLAB’s Image Processing Toolbox, are foundational to Emily’s work, allowing her to advance an exciting, new modality for point-of-care diagnostics with the potential to broadly improve health outcomes around the world.



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