Elizabeth Whittier

Elizabeth Whittier is a PhD candidate whose research in magnetic imaging and bioinstrumentation is speeding the development of next-generation imaging systems and nanomaterials. Specifically, Elizabeth’s work is focused on the creation of a novel magnetic particle imaging (MPI) system to visualize magnetic nanomaterials in live animals and to enable functional imaging and spectroscopy at unprecedented speeds. She has already reached critical milestones in the project, including the successful design of a high-frequency, high-power resonant tank, precisely tuned detection coils, and a system of Helmholtz coils; and the establishment of parameters and geometries of all the electromagnets of the instrument, through MATLAB modeling. With the support of a MathWorks Fellowship, Elizabeth will complete the fabrication of her instrumentation system, which promises to be the most powerful, highest-resolution MPI system in the world. Her work draws extensively on MathWorks tools, and it has the potential to add transformational new capabilities to magnetic imaging and the field of bioelectronics.



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