Edward Pang

Edward is a PhD student in materials science and engineering. His research is focused on the manipulation of the lattice crystallography in zirconia shape-memory ceramics by doping it, with the specific aim of making the two transforming phases more crystallographically compatible to prevent cracking. He is developing a combined machine learning and computational thermodynamics approach to design new material combinations with targeted crystallography and improved functional properties. He has additionally developed new optimization procedures that harness the power of recent physics-based simulations to resolve one of the long-standing limitations of the electron backscatter diffraction(EBSD) technique: indexing of pseudosymmetric materials. Through his research, he has developed three open-sourceMATLAB code packages for the scientific community: pcglobal, EBSDrefine, and EMsoft-utilities. Edward earned a BS in materials science and engineering from Northwestern University and an MPhil in materials science and metallurgy fromUniversity of Cambridge, England.



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