Dhyllan Skiba

Dhyllan Skiba is a master’s candidate who is conducting pioneering research in calcium (Ca) metal anodes and electrolytes for rechargeable Ca batteries, which may offer key long-term advantages over Lithium-based batteries. Specifically, Dhyllan is working to develop new thermodynamics- based techniques to design Ca electrolytes that provide good ionic conductivity, yet also react at the electrode interface to form a new self-limiting layer with beneficial, protective properties. As a MathWorks Fellow, Dhyllan will apply an experimental technique utilized mainly in biology/ pharmaceutical research, known as isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC), for the first time in studying battery electrolytes. He has also created a MATLAB based “binding model,” inspired by biological systems. Together, ITC and the binding model will help Dhyllan to better understand and quantify Ca2+ solvation, thereby unlocking new electrolyte design principles. Dhyllan’s work promises to offer critical insights for Ca battery design, helping to meet the growing need for high energy density batteries in vehicle electrification. In addition, his model for investigating Ca2+ solvation is transferrable to almost any ligand binding phenomenon, making it a flexible tool for researchers in many areas.



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