Devosmita Sen

Devosmita Sen is a PhD candidate whose research aims to quantify the topology-property relationships in polymer networks, their fracture properties, structure, and dynamics. A MathWorks Fellowship will support Devosmita’s ongoing work to develop MATLAB-based models of complex polymer networks and create a topological framework for modeling dynamic polymer networks, which can adapt and transform through stimuli-induced bond exchanges. Her goal is to better understand the useful macroscopic properties of these materials, such as self-healing and recyclability. By modeling the crucial aspects of dynamic polymer networks, and extending concepts of graph theory, Devosmita is contributing key new insights in the field. Her innovative research has also served to bring an entirely new area of mathematics (net theory) into polymer research. Overall, Devosmita’s work offers exciting new directions in the study of polymer networks and has the potential to advance the design of novel materials for a wide variety of applications.



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