Colin R. Marcus

Colin R. Marcus is a PhD candidate whose research is focused on biomedical applications, with an emphasis on novel sensor platforms and algorithms to enable long-term, personalized healthcare. In recent work, Colin developed a paper-thin, flexible sensor array that can be laminated onto surgical masks and N95 respirators. This innovative technology allows for real-time monitoring of variables such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, and mask fit. Utilizing machine learning techniques, it also provides instant assessments of breathing rate and the position of the mask on the user’s face, among other factors. A MathWorks Fellowship will support Colin’s ongoing work on mechanically adaptive ultrasound patches for large-scale, soft tissue imaging. He has designed a novel ultrasound patch designed specifically for breast cancer detection, enabling individuals to conduct self-scans and capture multiple ultrasound images over several weeks, all without any exposure to ionizing radiation. This technology promises to improve breast cancer survival rates by expanding access to screening with earlier and more accurate screening while lowering costs.

Colin’s exciting research in medical ultrasound imaging and biomedical sensors is yielding valuable new techniques and tools that could move biomedicine forward and improve human health.



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