Chika Maduabuchi

Chika Maduabuchi is a master’s student whose research integrates the study of heat transfer and computer vision to explore boiling phenomena, a process with important implications in industries from energy to manufacturing. With the support of a MathWorks Fellowship, Chika will expand his path-breaking project to employ MATLAB for the high-throughput analysis of bubbles from high- speed video camera images and to develop novel algorithms to extract key operating parameters, such as the dry area fraction and contact line densities, that quintessential to understanding and improving boiling phenomena. Chika’s innovative approach of combining thresholding algorithms with convolutional neural networks, particularly within the MATLAB environment, represents a significant advancement in data-driven analysis for boiling phenomena. His research has great potential to advance basic knowledge in this sphere of research and could also enhance the safety and efficiency of nuclear reactors and other thermal systems, with broad societal and industrial impacts.



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