Benjamin Lahner

Benjamin Lahner is a PhD candidate who is expanding the frontiers of computational neuroscience, with research that applies cutting-edge data analysis and machine-learning methods to advance studies of the human brain. As a MathWorks Fellow, Benjamin will continue his work to compare functional neuroscience imaging data with deep neural networks and devise original ways to utilize that data. In his most recent work, Benjamin combined high resolution spatial and temporal data to examine information flow through the brain and to explore complex perceptual processes, such as how we remember images or categorize sounds. MATLAB is crucial to Benjamin’s research, enabling him to relate properties of human sensory perception with deep neural networks and dramatically speed data processing and analysis while maintaining precision and accuracy. Benjamin plays a leadership role in The Algonauts Project, a series of public challenges and workshops that bring biological and artificial-intelligence researchers together to build neural networks that explain the human brain. In his own research, and through The Algonauts Project, he is pushing the boundaries of computational neuroscience and inspiring more interdisciplinary research.



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