Beatriz G. Klink

Beatriz Klink is a PhD candidate whose research explores the machine-learning (ML) and artificial- intelligence aspects of tunnel boring machines (TBMs). The goal of Beatriz’s research, supported by a MathWorks Fellowship, is to develop the first ML-based TBM operator assistance tool, eventually leading to automated geologic predictions for control of TBMs. Another major component of Beatriz’s work is techno-economic analysis (TEA) of TBM automation to provide a proof-of-concept and thorough assessment of relevant economic, social, and environmental factors. MATLAB is essential for the modeling and data visualization that is central to these research aims, and Beatriz hopes to add to the MATLAB tools that support TEAs for other technologies, with a new interface for an existing MATLAB sensitivity analyzer to simplify parameter input and data analysis. Her research has the potential to provide valuable tools and information for stakeholders in TBM applications, from designers and operators to businesses and governments.



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