Artittaya (Tiya) Boonkird

Artittaya (Tiya) Boonkird is a PhD candidate whose primary research interest is in developing machine learning models to predict material properties, with an emphasis on materials containing defects. Specifically, Tiya is examining how the introduction of defects into materials may enhance their mechanical, electrical, and magnetic properties, and how these defects can be controlled to enable useful applications, such as in the semiconductor industry. A MathWorks Fellowship will support Tiya’s work to develop a machine-learning model to extract information about defect type and distribution from x-ray diffraction data collected at various parameter ranges that are typically fixed in conventional measurements. These insights could enable another way to experimentally characterize defects, leading to a better understanding of how they influence material properties. MATLAB is an indispensable tool in Tiya’s work, which has strong potential to advance materials research and offer new avenues for material development in industry.



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