Antonio Gabino Salazar Martín

Antonio Gabino Salazar Martín is a PhD candidate who seeks to advance the development of new biomedical therapeutics. As a MathWorks Fellow, Antonio is pursuing cutting-edge work on the modeling and analysis of vascular disease. His current research explores how loss of endothelial cell (EC) plasticity could become an early marker of vascular disease and a predictor of adverse outcomes to stress. This work is critical to understanding the high variability in drug responsiveness among target lesions, organs, and patients, and Antonio uses MATLAB to study how local architecture and flow states define pharmacology response. His project goals include: elucidating how pathophysiological stimuli commit ECs to reactive programs that reduce EC plasticity and multipotency in the event of vessel injury. Next, he will study circulating ECs isolated from patients, with the hope of mapping unique cellular fingerprints based on patient and pathology data, and potentially employ them as early biomarkers and predictors of cardiovascular diseases. Antonio’s work aims to change the way that vascular disease is modeled and analyzed, and his findings may lead to major improvements in cardiovascular disease detection and treatment, as well as advances in next-generation medical devices.



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