Amelia Gagnon

Amelia Gagnon is a PhD candidate whose research applies cutting-edge instrumentation applications in the creation of new satellite systems and human systems for space exploration. Specifically, her current research is focused on advancing the ability of humans to live and work in space long-term by improving the instruments they use. Her previous research endeavors include advancing satellite maneuver planning, the calibration and validation of instrumentation payloads, and valuable contributions to NASA-supported work on CubeSat constellations that will further the understanding of the lifetimes of storms and tropical cyclones. Amelia’s past work and upcoming projects rely extensively on creative applications of MATLAB. As a MathWorks Fellow, she will develop new technologies utilizing functional near-infrared spectroscopy to support human (astronaut) health, devising new methods for noninvasively gathering information on the brain. This technology has many potential applications, from lightweight wearable devices to monitor astronauts’ brain activity, to minimally invasive, remote monitoring for patients on Earth, and safety enhancing self-monitoring of brain alertness for drivers.



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