Amelia Gagnon

Amelia Gagnon is a PhD candidate whose research draws on multiple disciplines to develop cutting-edge instrumentation to monitor human health and performance for pilots, astronauts, and others who operate in high-performance environments. With the support of her third MathWorks Fellowship, Amelia will pursue two projects, both of which rely on MathWorks tools. The first project explores the use of functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) as an additional sensory modality to support the objective measurement of cognitive load in operational environments. The second project focuses on hurricane and tropical storm monitoring using microwave radiometers onboard CubeSats; data from this project will help to advance weather monitoring with greater temporal resolution. Amelia’s innovative and interdisciplinary work has yielded valuable contributions for both satellite systems and human space exploration and has the potential to offer many more useful insights and tools for air, space vehicles, and Earth-based applications.



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