Alan Papalia

Alan Papalia is a PhD candidate whose research in ocean engineering and robotics focuses on novel algorithms for certifiably correct robotic perception, a critical capability for real-world deployment of autonomous systems in performing runtime verification of their models and understanding of the world. Specifically, Alan’s research has developed a certifiable state estimation technique to incorporate range measurements into simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) systems, dubbed certifiably correct range-aided SLAM, or SLAM CORA.

A MathWorks Fellowship will enable Alan to continue his pursuit of two innovative goals: to develop distributed techniques needed for a swarm of robots to cooperatively navigate while meeting mission objects and under severe communication restrictions and to develop robust algorithms capable of self-certifying that computed solutions are optimal. These algorithms, which were developed as MATLAB libraries and shared as open-source software, have substantial value to a wide range of robotic systems. Alan’s research holds exciting potential to advance the development of robotics systems, including cooperative AUV networks capable of executing complex missions with high integrity.



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