Aditya Misra

Aditya Misra is a PhD candidate in medical engineering and medical physics whose research explores inflammation, a central feature of many prevalent human diseases, including ulcerative colitis, diabetes, and sepsis. Specifically, Aditya aims to develop and apply new technological capabilities to better understand how tissues respond and adapt to inflammation, with the goal of identifying interventions to diagnose and reverse the pathophysiology of these diseases. With the support of a MathWorks Fellowship, Aditya will create new frameworks and tools to spatially and functionally characterize tissue immune responses. The MATLAB-based tools he has built in the course of this work will be valuable to the broader immunology research community in exploring how spatial structures and cell circuits evolve, and how they exacerbate or resolve inflammation. Aditya’s work holds great promise for expanding our understanding of how inflammation remodels tissues and their immune profiles and may offer new directions for the diagnosis and treatment of many inflammatory diseases.



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