Abinash Kumar

Abinash is a PhD student in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. His research involves atomic-scale characterization of materials using scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM). He focuses on two aspects of electron microscopy: developing new tools for acquiring high quality data; and extracting local chemical and structural information in materials, using various statistical tools. With the discovery of aberration correctors for electron microscopes, acquiring images of various materials at anatomic scale has become common, yet extracting quantitative information from such images is still challenging. Abinash has implemented a revolving STEM based approach to simultaneously acquired images to correct drift and scan distortions in the musing MATLAB programs.Further, he uses correlation analysis to determine various inhomogeneities, like chemical and structural ordering, which drive the unique spatial pattern in polarization leading to the relaxor behavior. He also applies learning tools like convolutional neural networks for obtaining information, like sample mistilt and thickness, from position averaged convergent beam electron diffraction (PACBED) patterns.He also uses MATLAB to automate the process of generation of simulated PACBED patterns and applied image augmentations for neural networks. Abinash earned a BS and MS in materials at Indian Institute of Science, India.



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