Peter Houk

Peter Houk is a Technical Instructor for the MIT Glass Lab in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Houk was recognized by his colleagues for his dedication to team building, particularly for his work in organizing a glass blowing workshop for DMSE admin.


Peter Houk

Job Title:

Artistic Director, MIT Glass Lab

Department, Lab, or Center:

DMSE (P.I. Professor Michael Cima)

How long have you worked at MIT:

I started teaching in the Glass Lab in 1992 and became director of the lab in 1997.

Describe your role and responsibilities at MIT:

The Glass Lab is a very special place at MIT, a place where students across the Institute can have a direct experience with molten glass while working collaboratively in teams. Beyond the experience with the material, the lab is a vibrant and welcoming community for MIT students, staff and faculty. I regard my roles as both that of a steward, with responsibilities to maintain the inner-workings of the program (things like our financial well-being, staffing, scheduling of classes), and also as a kind of ambassador for the program to the greater MIT community and the world outside MIT.

What is your favorite part of your job:

My favorite part of this job has always been teaching beginners and witnessing their amazement as they discover the properties of this unique material. That never gets old.

Do you have any hobbies or interests:

This is not really a hobby: I have an off-campus studio in Cambridge where I make my own work in glass when I’m not on campus. I have also always been interested in music, both as a listener and a player of instruments, and this interest had everything to do with the creation of the MIT Glass Band in 2012. Although the band has not met since the start of the pandemic, the principal founders of the band will be teaching a class in instrument fabrication and performance at the Pilchuck Glass School next summer, so the band lives on!



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