Michele Harris

Michele Harris, Director of Human Resources for the School of Engineering Dean's Office, is described by her colleagues as warm and helpful, and fantastic at her job. She has a wealth of knowledge about the School of Engineering and is always ready to answer questions and be a resource for others.

Michele Harris

Job Title:
Director of Human Resources

Department, Lab, or Center:
School of Engineering Dean’s Office

How long have you worked at MIT:
13 years in August.

Describe your role and responsibilities at MIT:
At a part of the Dean’s Office, I oversee Human Resources activities for staff (support, administrative, sponsored research, postdoctoral, and instructional), visitors, and affiliates in the School of Engineering.

What is your favorite part of your job:
I love working with people and anything I can do where I feel like I’m helping others. I’m lucky to be part of a fantastic team, and that itself is a joy on a daily basis. I also love figuring out ways to improve processes, especially through tools like QuickBase.

Do you have any hobbies or interests:
I like to sing, write, read (especially poetry and short stories), play instruments, research genealogy, and travel. I impulse bought an autoharp during the pandemic, and it’s been incredible, except that it takes the better part of an hour to tune! I also love board games and have been known to play a mean game of Settlers of Catan.



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