Areg Danagoulian

Areg Danagoulian joined the faculty as an assistant professor in July 2014. He received the SB degree in Physics from MIT and a PhD in Experimental Nuclear Physics from UIUC. He was a post-doctoral associate at Los Alamos and subsequently worked as a senior scientist at Passport Systems, Inc. Areg’s research interests are focused in the field of nuclear security. He works on problems in the areas of nuclear nonproliferation, technologies for arms control treaty verification, nuclear safeguards, and nuclear cargo security. Specific projects include the development of zero knowledge detection concepts for weapon authentication and research on monochromatic, tunable sources that can be applied to active interrogation of cargoes. Other areas of research include nuclear forensics and the development of new detection concepts. Areg’s research and teaching will contribute to NSE’s growing program in nuclear security.



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