Anand Natarajan

Anand Natarajan joined the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science as an Assistant Professor in September 2020. Natarajan received his PhD in Physics from MIT, and an MS in Computer Science and BS in Physics from Stanford University. Natarajan’s interests center upon theoretical quantum information, particularly nonlocality (e.g. Bell inequalities and nonlocal games), quantum complexity theory (especially the power of quantum interactive proof systems), and semidefinite programming hierarchies. He is the co-winner of the Best Paper Award at FOCS ’19 for paper NEEXP ⊆ MIP*, with John Wright, and is a gold medalist in the International Physics Olympiad; his conference papers have been published in the Proceedings of ITCS, Proceedings of FOCS, and Proceedings of CCC, among others. Before joining MIT, Natarajan was a postdoc at the Institute for Quantum Information and Matter at Caltech.



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