Staff Advice & Implementation Committee

The School of Engineering Staff Advice & Implementation Committee (SAIC) is open to include any employee within SoE who is willing to volunteer, promote a diversity of views, and who is passionate works towards addressing issues of concern for SoE Administrative and Support Staff. The SAIC advises the Dean of Engineering on best practices related to the advancement of staff engagement and professional development opportunities for all staff members across the School of Engineering. The SAIC is organized into three working committees, plus a steering group composed of the leaders of the three committees. In addition to the chairs of the three working committees, leadership from the SoE Dean’s Office also serves on the SAIC steering committee. The three committees are: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Professional Development, Social Events and Wellness.

2022 members

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

Co-Chairs: Reza Rahaman and Katey Provost
Pam Fradkin, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Rolanda (Roni) Dudley-Cowans, Department of Biological Engineering
Maxine Jonas, Department of Biological Engineering
Farzan Ghanegolmohammadi, Department of Biological Engineering
Noreen Lyell, Department of Biological Engineering
Becky Meyer, Department of Biological Engineering
Alina Haverty, Department of Chemical Engineering
Brian Neltner, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Ximena Hasbach, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Katey Stewart, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Robert Vincent, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Barbra Williams, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Sharona Bollinger, Leaders for Global Operations Program
Amy Levin, Leaders for Global Operations Program
Vicky Diadiuk, Microsystems Technology Laboratory
Clara Piloto, MIT Professional Education
Laura Beretsky, Office of Engineering Outreach Programs
Babi Mitra, New Engineering Education Transformation (NEET)

Professional Development Committee

Co-Chairs: Rachida Kernis & Ekaterina “Katja” Trizlova
TC Anthony, MIT Leaders for Global Operations ( LGO)
Robert Cummings, Supply Chain Management Program
Shibani Joshi, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Flora Keumurian, Center for Biomedical Innovation
Angeliki Diane Rigos, MIT Energy Initiative

Social Events & Wellness Committee
Co-Chairs: Janell Ciemiecki & Steven Derocher
Arthur Grau, Center for Transportation and Logistics
Kiley Clapper, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Jay Matthews, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Amazigh Ankji, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Saana McDaniel, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Laurie Ward, Institute for Medical Engineering and Science
Elizabeth Green, Microsystems Technology Laboratory
Gregory Soloviev, SoE Dean’s Office

SAIC Steering Committee

Rachida Kernis, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Katey Stewart, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Reza Rahaman, Gordon Engineering Leadership Program
Ekaterina Trizlova, Leaders for Global Operations Program
Janell Ciemiecki, Gordon Engineering Leadership Program
Steven Derocher, Leaders for Global Operations Program
Michele Lynn Harris, SoE Dean’s Office
Heather Hagerty, SoE Dean’s Office
Catherine Kim, SoE Dean’s Office
Nandi Bynoe, SoE Dean’s Office
Mary Ellen Sinkus, SoE Dean’s Office
Macall Coombs Zimmerman, SoE Dean’s Office



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