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Thank you for your interest in the MIT School of Engineering.

In order to better direct your inquiry, please review the information below. If your interest lies in one of these areas, we suggest that you contact the office or center directly.



Applications for undergraduate study at MIT are made to Institute as a whole, not to the School of Engineering. Information regarding undergraduate admissions and financial aid, including that relevant to transfer and international students, is available from the MIT Admission Office.


Applications for graduate study at MIT are made to individual departments, programs, and divisions, not to the Institute as a whole, nor to the School of Engineering. Each MIT department and division has its own application form and process for admission. In order to obtain information and to apply, you must directly contact the graduate program in which you plan to study. The MIT Graduate Admissions website, has information on graduate programs, the application process, financial support, and more. Graduate applicants can also find information through the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education.


The admissions website has information specific to the interests and concerns of international students. In addition, staff members in the International Students Office, advise students and successful applicants on immigration regulations and processes, assist in the prepare legal documents that allow international students to gain work experience through a period of practical training, and organize orientation programs for entering international undergraduate and graduate students.


MIT’s Public Service Center maintains a database of opportunities for and information about K-12 educational outreach programs, including those in science and engineering.


MIT Global Education & Career Development assists employers in coordinating successful on- and off-campus recruitment of students, provides students with opportunities to interact with companies, and helps them obtain internships. Careers Services serves both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as MIT alumni.


The School of Engineering does not have the facilities or personnel to help individual inventors with their ideas. Several groups at MIT may be able to direct you to an appropriate source of information and assistance.

If your question is not related to any of the areas above, please email directly. We will respond in a reasonable period of time only to those questions not covered by the offices or areas described above.

Contact information for the Dean’s Office in the School of Engineering:

List of Dean's Office contact here.

MIT School of Engineering
Room 1-206
77 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307
tel. 617-253-3291
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