• An Unexpected Ambition Borne from MIT Experience

    An Unexpected Ambition Borne from MIT Experience

    Senior Annamarie Bair was determined to become a medical doctor when she arrived at MIT from the Midwest nearly four years ago. She was fascinated by neuroscience but had yet to channel that passion toward what became her true focus: artificial intelligence and health care.
  • Engineering Joy

    Engineering Joy

    MIT senior Isabel “Izzy” Lloyd will graduate this spring with not only a degree in mechanical engineering, but with the pleasure of knowing she accomplished a goal she set for herself as a freshman: to impact those around her in a truly positive way.
  • Computation Counts

    Computation Counts

    When James Quigley applied to MIT, he didn’t need an algorithm to tell him getting in wasn’t a high-probability outcome. An Army veteran attending community college in California, he possessed a talent for math, a desire to do big things, and a sobering group of friends who insisted: “Mortals don’t get into MIT.” Quigley knew a dare when he heard one. As for probability measures, those he chose to ignore.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Action

    Artificial Intelligence in Action

    A person watching videos that show things opening — a door, a book, curtains, a blooming flower, a yawning dog — easily understands the same type of action is depicted in each clip.
  • 3Q: Daron Acemoglu on Technology and the Future of Work

    3Q: Daron Acemoglu on Technology and the Future of Work

    "The way we live continuously changes in significant ways — how we learn, how we acquire food, what we emphasize, our social organizations."


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