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MIT Professional Education provides a gateway to MIT expertise and knowledge for science and engineering professionals around the world. Through MIT Professional Education programs taught by renowned faculty from across the Institute, technical professionals have the opportunity to gain crucial and timely knowledge in specialized fields, to advance their careers, boost their organizational performance, and help make a difference in the world.

MIT Professional Education offers a range of education programs:

Short Programs

Taking place primarily in the summer, Short Programs offer more than 50 intensive courses, each lasting one-to-five days, addressing a wide range of technical and technical management topics. Classes consist of lectures, discussions, readings, interactive problem solving, laboratory work and collaborative projects among participants. The courses are designed for professionals who wish to learn about breakthrough solutions, while gaining insights into new and evolving technologies and their impact on society. Courses combine learning from MIT’s groundbreaking research with real-world application perspectives from industry, government, and academia.

Digital Programs

Digital Programs deliver online programs on important industry topics to professionals around the world, utilizing the online education platform, edX, developed jointly by MIT and Harvard University. Digital Programs allow busy professionals globally to take courses taught by MIT faculty, in their own locations and at their own convenience, without the need for travel to the MIT campus.

Advanced Study Program

Designed for professionals who wish to obtain in-depth knowledge in topics of their choice, the Advanced Study Program (ASP) offers qualified students the ability to attend regular, full semester MIT courses, without having to enroll in a degree program. Each semester, professionals in engineering and technical fields come to MIT as ASP Fellows to gain knowledge and skills needed to advance their careers. At the end of the program, they bring back innovative ideas and practices to their employers. The Fellows plan their own academic experience that may include courses from more than 30 disciplines. While on campus, some may also arrange research opportunities with faculty in their respective fields. The Fellows earn academic grades and credit, the same as regular MIT students, in addition to an Advanced Study Program certificate from MIT Professional Education at the end of their program.

Custom Programs

Designed to meet company-specific training needs, Custom Programs vary from an engagement of a single day to a year-long sequence of sessions - on MIT campus or at a company location. MIT Professional Education works with companies to match their needs with custom developed curricula from MIT faculty who have in-depth expertise in their respective disciplines. Courses are focused on topics from both technology and management fields.

International Programs

International Programs address professional and corporate education needs outside the United States through specialized, market relevant courses, 2-5 days long, held at international locations. International Programs bring MIT research insights to real-world challenges, while allowing program attendees to develop productive new networks.

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