Support MIT Engineering

From the beginning, MIT has been an institution that has crashed through preconceptions, broken down boundaries, and staked out new frontiers. But breaking new ground has its costs. The pace and scope of change in the field of engineering—where 60 percent of the Institute’s activities are focused—requires huge investments on an ongoing basis. MIT must bring together world-class professors and students, laboratory space and materials, and state-of-the-art equipment. This work is expensive, and it needs your support.

The MIT School of Engineering has the potential to solve critical problems in health, neuroscience, the environment, physics, robotics, and computer science. But to do so, we must be ready to respond to new opportunities, embrace new challenges, and attract the most qualified candidates. To fulfill the mission of the Institute, we count on the continuing participation and engagement of our alumni and other supporters.

Funding priorities for the School of Engineering:

  • Building for the 21st century

    Renovate and construct additional modern engineering facilities, laboratories, and classrooms that support and enhance multidisciplinary collaboration.

  • Educating future pioneers

    Provide fellowship funding for the best students to pursue the most challenging and pioneering research across disciplines.

  • Developing tomorrow’s engineering leaders

    Develop challenging project-based subjects that engage students at the intersection of theory, practice, and multidisciplinary problem solving through initiatives such as the Bernard M. Gordon Engineering Leadership Program.

  • Connecting academia to the real world

    Increase the opportunities for our students and faculty to engage colleagues and solve problems here and abroad through programs such as the Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation, the International Innovation Initiative, and the Undergraduate and International Practice Opportunities Programs.