Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation

Executive Director: Leon Sandler | Email | Website

77 Massachusetts Ave. • 1-229 • Cambridge, MA 02139 • (617) 253-0943

The Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation is a catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship through its support of MIT faculty and student research and by facilitating collaboration among entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and innovative businesses. The center carries out its mission of stimulating innovation and moving technology from the laboratory to the marketplace though several activities, including its grant program, its catalyst program, innovation teams (“i-Teams”), and events and conferences. The center “Selects, Directs and Connects”. It is an active part of the MIT and Greater Boston entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Since its inception, the Deshpande Center has funded over 110 projects with more than $14 million in grants. Twenty eight projects have spun out of the center into commercial ventures, collectively raising more than $500 million in outside financing. Thirteen venture capital firms have invested in these companies, which now employ more than 400 people. These companies are providing revolutionary products in life sciences, information technology, healthcare, imaging, energy and materials.

The Deshpande Center was founded in 2002 through a gift of $20 million from Jaishree and Desh Deshpande, cofounder and chairman of Sycamore Networks, Inc. This gift provided the seed capital to launch the center. To sustain its activities, the center depends upon the generous financial support of individuals and organizations who see technological innovation as a path to improving people’s lives.