January 2019

Dear members of the MIT Community,

Thank you for the enthusiastic commentary inspired by last month’s question, “Which areas of energy research do you think hold the most promise for global impact?” Your responses emphasized the need to mitigate climate change, to master the storage of renewable energy, and to make commercialized fusion a widespread reality.

This edition of The Infinite focuses on energy. Our offerings include articles on:

  • Growing interest on campus in an MIT-led effort to make commercialized fusion a reality.
  • MechE faculty developing technologies that tackle storage and management of greenhouse gases.
  • A look at an annual symposium where women discuss solutions to pressing energy issues led by the U.S. Department of Energy in collaboration with the MIT Energy Initiative and others.
  • Podcast from the MIT Energy Initiative featuring Vladimir Bulović on what’s coming in solar and how MIT.nano is changing how startups launch from MIT.

I look forward to your ongoing input. Next month we look at transportation. Researchers across the Institute are conducting transportation research in nearly every area of study from motor vehicles to urban infrastructure planning to aviation efficiency to adaptive technologies and their influence on personal behavior. My question for you: “How could MIT positively impact the transportation of the future?”

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Anantha P. Chandrakasan

Dean, MIT School of Engineering

Vannevar Bush Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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Tapping the MIT talent pool for the future of fusion

Excitement is rising in the push to get zero-carbon energy on the grid.

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Tackling greenhouse gases

Faculty in the Department of Mechanical Engineering are developing technologies that store, capture, convert, and minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

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Game-changing solar

Vladimir Bulović on what's coming in solar and how MIT.nano is changing how startups launch from MIT.

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Celebrating the achievements of women working to advance clean energy

Now in its 7th year, the C3E Women in Clean Energy Symposium honors its past and present award winners.

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Harnessing the power of sustainable energy

With a love for the environment that took root on his family’s farm, senior Jesse Hinricher aims to put less expensive components into more efficient batteries.

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“Sun in a box” would store renewable energy for the grid

Design for system that provides solar- or wind-generated power on demand should be cheaper than other leading options.