School of Engineering Newsletter - Winter 2017

Winter 2017

Building One: The MIT School of Engineering Newsletter

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Dean Ian Waitz

Ian A. Waitz
Dean of Engineering

MIT engineers play the long game because sometimes — especially when the problems get complicated — it can take decades to come up with a solution that works.

Nuclear science and engineering is one of our longest bets, but its possible payoffs could save the planet. Today, students in Course XXII take design courses on nuclear power and radiation safety; researchers are advancing solutions for nuclear disarmament; an alumni startup is developing a reactor that will generate less waste than current reactors — and in October, the engineers and scientists running the Alcator C-Mod fusion reactor got the world’s attention by setting new record. After 50 years of effort, the prospect of sustainable fusion power looks like it could be achieved in our lifetimes.

Committing to deep science and technology has its risks… and benefits. Being innovative doesn’t always have to mean being nimble. Doubling down, and digging in on what you really believe is the philosophy behind The Engine, focused on providing patient support for tough tech. We, after all, take engineering challenges as they come. The most pressing ones — climate, energy, health, transportation, clean water — are global. They’re about, to use our campaign motto, building a better world for our generation and the ones to come.


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