School Priorities


Our engineers make possible what once seemed unimaginable. At the helm of our efforts, the dean of the MIT School of Engineering is responsible for sustaining our longstanding tradition of excellence and for charting a strategic course for the future. The endowed deanship provides our visionary leader unrestricted funds to set the pace of engineering at MIT and beyond, both for today and tomorrow.


The MIT School of Engineering has long been a magnet for brilliant minds. Our faculty are among the foremost experts and innovators in every discipline. Constantly wooed by peer institutions and industry, a professorship cements our commitment to them. The honor publically affirms scholarship of distinction and provides resources to advance trailblazing research.


Our graduate students are a major force in our idea engine and the foundation of our productivity. With passion and determination, they seek to solve the world’s most consequential problems. Fellowships empower them to dream big, to think creatively, and to fearlessly explore new ideas. Fellowships also enable us to retain our competitive edge in attracting the most innovative students from around the world.

Featured Initiatives


We give our students the freedom to discover the limits of what they can do. An expanded version of MIT’s flagship program, SuperUROP enables juniors and seniors to tackle complex problems and to strive for publication-worthy findings. It gives them the time, training, resources, and guidance necessary for deep scientific and engineering inquiry.

Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation

Our innovations make an indelible difference on the world’s pressing challenges. Yet big, daring research is often too risky to qualify for backing from traditional sources. By supporting these nascent ideas, the Deshpande Center places faculty and students on the path to realizing the impact of their breakthrough discoveries. The center identifies high-impact technologies, provides financial support, and connects researchers to seasoned entrepreneurs who offer guidance on driving projects from the lab to the marketplace.

Office of Engineering Outreach Programs (OEOP)

Too often, a student’s zip code plays a larger role in determining their educational opportunities than does their abilities. We are committed to diversifying the science and engineering communities by engaging historically underrepresented and underserved middle- and high-school students. OEOP provides transformational learning experiences through one local, and three national, programs. Free of charge, these programs harness the insight, creativity, and ingenuity of these promising students.

Startup Packages

We assume there is always more to know and discover. Fundamental to opening new lines of inquiry is injecting new voices into the dialogue. To recruit the most brilliant talent, our departments must be able to offer startup packages that rival peer institutions. When we invest in faculty who join our community, and give them the freedom to think boldly, the conditions are set for mind-blowing discoveries, innovative solutions, and unparalleled education.



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