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Launched in 2006, The MIT Portugal Program is an international collaboration among MIT and government, academia, and industry in Portugal to develop the country’s education and research programs in engineering systems. This high-level partnership represents a strategic commitment by the Portuguese government to science, technology, and higher education. Since its inception, the program has helped establish Portugal as a research platform in which emerging technologies and systems are tested for future implementation across Portugal and the world.

The MIT Portugal Program features a collaborative model pioneered in the field of education and research; and brings together universities, industries, and government around a common agenda of excellence and innovation. The program addresses major technical, economic, and social challenges in emerging areas of systems engineering, including sustainable energy systems, transportation systems, bioengineering systems and engineering design and advanced manufacturing.

Additionally, the program has created an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship in Portugal, where new products and technologies are created from the scientific developments achieved by students and faculty. MIT Portugal currently has 59 partnerships with prestigious companies and in the first five years 7 start-ups emerged from the program. Moreover, the program has also launched several auxiliary activities through its Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative to boost the Portuguese innovation ecosystem, including the highly successful venture competition Building Global Innovators, now in its fourth edition.

Students in the MIT Portugal Program are integral participants in its research projects.  The program has developed seven new Executive Master’s and PhD courses in Portuguese universities for top engineering students from Portugal and around the world. These courses are offered by consortia of Portuguese institutions, supported by MIT, in four engineering systems disciplines:

  • Bioengineering Systems
  • Engineering Design and Advanced Manufacturing
  • Sustainable Energy Systems
  • Transportation Systems

To date, the program has enrolled more than 500 students in Portugal and has involved at least 70 faculty members and researchers at MIT and 270 Portuguese faculty.

The four international PhD programs promoted by MIT and Portuguese universities recently have been provided funding by an international evaluation panel, recognizing the high quality of the curricula and faculty involved. For the next four years, starting in January 2014, the MIT Portugal Program will award, through FCT, 10 fellowships in each of the PhD Programs (Bioengineering, Leaders for Technical Industries, Sustainable Energy Systems and Transportation Systems).

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