MIT Online Science, Technology, and Engineering Community

Executive Director: Eboney Hearn | Email | Website

Faculty Director: Prof. Cardinal Warde

77 Massachusetts Ave. • E17-139 • Cambridge, MA 02139 • (617) 253-8052

In the six-month MIT Online Science, Technology, and Engineering Community (MOSTEC) program, high school seniors from across the country who have a strong academic record and interest in science and engineering complete online coursework and projects in science, engineering, and science writing during the summer during an Academic Phase (July through August). The Academic Phase culminates in the MOSTEC Conference, during which students travel to MIT to present their projects and take hands-on science and engineering workshops.

When the summer ends, students enter the Enrichment Phase (August through January) and continue to learn more about science and engineering; interact with faculty, researchers, and industry professionals via webinars and Q&A sessions; and receive online mentorship from undergraduates, graduate students, and industry professionals. Students also ask admissions and financial aid questions in the Admissions Corner, which is run by MIT Admissions office staff.

All educational, food, and boarding costs are generously covered by funders. Students only pay for transportation to and from MIT.

The purpose of MOSTEC is to…

  • Provide high school seniors from underrepresented and underserved backgrounds with a better understanding of science and engineering through a rigorous online academic experience, enriching daily content, activities, and mentoring.
  • Use online tools and a weeklong conference at MIT to create an intellectually stimulating community of students who are exposed to positive role models and college life.
  • Provide students with guidance on the college application process, especially at top technical schools.

Since 2011, MOSTEC has served hundreds of high school seniors from across the country. Through six months with MOSTEC, including five days at MIT for the MOSTEC Conference, students develop a network of intelligent peers as well as the skills and confidence necessary for success in science and engineering.

Learn more at the MOSTEC website.