School of Engineering Newsletter - Summer 2014

Summer 2014



“What awesome thing am I going to do today?” A new video from the MIT Admissions office tells the story of MIT from the inside out, using the Institute’s best spokespeople: its students.


Dean Ian Waitz

MIT often leaves me with one simple, powerful impression: this place has an incredible collection of talent. As you read this, many of our 11,000+ students (more than half of whom are engineers), 1,000 faculty, and excellent staff members are changing the world — and many more will do so in the future.

As we start the school year with a sense of excitement and anticipation, I invite you to read about some of the amazing members of our community. From our newly tenured faculty to our dedicated staff, the engineering community at MIT has never been stronger.

Ian A. Waitz
Dean of Engineering



Road less traveled

An unexpected path to nuclear engineering

The connector

Mathematical modeling provides insight into people — and MIT

Printing with light

Going beyond the diffraction limit

Gut check

Shedding light on the bacteria in the human digestive tract

The thrill of the ride

MITES inspires a new MechE grad to work on his passion: ride design

Shape-shifting robots

Phase-changing material could lead to deformable surgical robots

Happy birthday

Celebrating 100 years of AeroAstro

Origami robot

Prototype made from printable parts reconfigures itself and crawls away

Gene silencer

RNA carried by new nanoparticles could treat cancer

MIT School of Engineering faculty by department