School of Engineering Newsletter - December 2013

Winter 2013

Dean Ian Waitz

In twenty-plus years at MIT I have seen few topics generate as much enthusiasm among the faculty as our recent efforts to advance residential and global education through online learning. MITx and edX are a demonstration of our passion for teaching and for cultivating the growth of knowledge in new, unbounded ways.

Among the many facts in the recently released task force report, I was especially struck by the growing mismatch between the demand for MIT’s educational offerings and our limited ability to meet that demand. MITx is an opportunity to advance campus-based education and to expand our knowledge of learning. And it is an opportunity to do more for many more people.

I urge you to read the task force report, and to reach out to your former professors and classmates to share your thoughts on these exciting new directions in education. With your help, we can redefine the future of education.

Ian A. Waitz
Dean of Engineering


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