School of Engineering Newsletter - Fall 2016

Fall 2016

Building One: The MIT School of Engineering Newsletter

Ingegneria Classica (Classical Engineering)


Dean Ian Waitz

Ian A. Waitz
Dean of Engineering

Engineering challenges don’t come with a nationality. The most pressing ones—climate, energy, health, transportation, clean water—are global. They’re about, to use our campaign motto, building a better world.

With MIT’s investments on campus and in Kendall Square, you might think we’re doubling down on staying local. But opportunities for students to leave Cambridge are growing, too. MISTI, D-Lab, and the PKG Public Service Center alone send more than 50 percent of students on a global experience by the time they graduate.

Students intern at multinational companies; conduct research in Africa, Europe, or India; or take courses like Materials in Art, Archeology and Architecture that integrate travel.

In the field, aspiring engineers can put what they have learned on campus into practice. Being away also exposes them to other ways of thinking and helps them understand what’s really “grand” about the grand challenges.


Building Sandcastles

MIT goes to San Francisco (for the summer)

Project Sandcastle

Heart Smart

Bras with built-in sensors monitor cardiac patients

Better Bloomers

Sticking the Landing

Reducing runoff pollution with less bouncy pesticide droplets

Sticking the landing

Don't Trip!

Buzzing boots could help astronauts and earthlings stay vertical

Don't Trip

Dear Diary

Recording complex histories in the DNA of human cells

Top Secret

Nuclear disarmament without disclosing classified information

Liquid Spanx

Pinpoint Accuracy

Helping anesthesiologists place needles for epidurals

Buckle Up

Electric cars can go the distance

Buckle Up

Bubbly Solution

Solar-powered sponge wrapped in bubble wrap can boil water