School of Engineering Newsletter - Summer 2016

Summer 2016

Building One: The MIT School of Engineering Newsletter
Dean Ian Waitz

Ian A. Waitz
Dean of Engineering

"Turn toward the problems you see,” Matt Damon advised this year’s graduating seniors. "Engage with them—and decide what you’re going to do."

Over the last several weeks, MIT has granted 3,611 degrees, launched a $5B fundraising campaign, hosted 40,000 guests for a campus-wide open house, reached the halfway point in the construction of MIT.nano, started a partnership to accelerate innovations in fibers and fabrics, and proposed a reimagined Kendall Square.

We are, as we have always been, engaged. Our plan of action is recruiting, training, and setting the next Millie Dresselhaus loose: to create, to innovate, and to see the unseen. MIT’s human factor, our people, will always be our greatest contribution.

As I have remarked before, the Campaign for a Better World isn’t just a slogan: it is what we do. And toward that end, we are turning to many of you to make much of this possible—for us and for the better world we all want.


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