School of Engineering Newsletter - October 2013

Fall 2013

The Institute for Medical Engineering & Science (IMES)


The new Institute for Medical Engineering & Science (IMES) launched September 25 with the "Converge | Create | Cure" symposium.

IMES News or Symposium Video

Dean Ian Waitz

For 152 years the School of Engineering at MIT has been powered by exceptional students, faculty, and staff. Welcome to the first of our quarterly efforts to bring you their stories.

Our latest initiative — the Institute for Medical Engineering and Science — aims to accelerate innovation across a spectrum of activities that span discovery, design, and delivery of new medical devices and products.

We look forward to your feedback as we continue to advance the School's strategic goals in innovation, education, people.

Ian A. Waitz
Dean of Engineering


Two national medals

Chisholm, Langer receive nation’s highest honors for scientists and inventors.

A look at the class of 2017

From a bedroom chemist to a high-flying roboticist, talents abound among MIT’s incoming freshmen.

Technology Idol of the Year

A new water purification process developed at MIT takes the top prize at the 2013 Global Water Summit.

The next generation of batteries

Yang Shao-Horn on the fundamental chemistry of energy storage

The ambitions of AI

A new NSF research center aims at unraveling the mystery of intelligence.

Robot, build thyself

Small cubes that can propel themselves, jump, and snap together to form different shapes.

In it for the long run

When Millie Dresselhaus won the prestigious Kavli Award last year, she put her money where her career has been.

The way forward

The MIT School of Engineering's strategic vision and priorities: enabling innovation, advancing our educational programs, and better supporting the people who make us great.


How 6.002x helped a 15-year old from Mongolia find MIT—and MIT find him, and more news about our online education efforts.